About RW’s

RW’s Fishing and Big Eddy Resort, has been open for business for over 42 years. Ron Weilbacher, owner of RW’s, started the business with a simple philosophy: anyone with any level of ability can enjoy the sport of fishing and you shouldn’t have to be an expert to land the fish of your dreams. Although RW’s certainly caters to expert fishermen as well, we get a great deal of beginner fishermen too and quite often, they are the ones landing the biggest fish.

We Love Alaska

We really love Alaska. In fact, we believe that any serious fisherman will love Alaska too, given the right place and the right company. The staff at RW’s consists of some of the best fishing guides in the business, so when you fish with us, you are always in the right company. We have a passion for catching some of the biggest fish you have likely ever seen and what’s more, we love to see those fish on the end of your line. If you have not experienced fishing in Alaska, you may be missing out on the greatest and most memorable experience of your life and we cannot wait to give that to you. 

Experience Big Eddy Resort

In addition to a world class staff of guides and resort assistants, our resort is world class, too. We bring all the comforts of your home into our beautiful riverside condos, including fully furnished private kitchen facilities, bath and shower, and a BBQ in front of each unit. Be sure to visit The Resort page for more information about the Big Eddy Resort.